Lemme Hug You, Little Voldy!!

ImageSo..(okay, I should stop starting my sentences with the word “so”!)

I just finished watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows movies (again!) and eventually changed my point of view about Voldemort. I actually pity him, rather than hate or fear him. Growing up without proper love, lonely, and failing to overcome insecurities had made him into what he is now. I think he had some similar background with Loki. He might have killed many people, but if I were Harry and just in case Voldemort apologized for what he had done, I probably would forgive him and hug him and help him come back to society.

That moment in the movie when he realized that he only had 2 horcruxes left and had to keep Nagini save by not letting it get too far away from him, it kinda touched me seeing him panicking and frightened knowing that his end is near. He looks so vulnerable I almost want to hug him and say, “Aw, Tom, don’t be scared. Just give up on your unreasonable obsession with death. Why would you fear it? You can just face it gracefully when it arrives…bla..bla..bla..(calming and comforting speech)..”
But then again, I could probably have died of Avada Kedavra before I could reach out my hands to hug him. XD

While Umbridge is an antagonist character I truly hate with every single cell of my body, Voldemort is an antagonist character I sympathized on.

Now I feel the urge to read Harry Potter from the 1st book again.. -_-


Bored! Bored! Bored!

So, recently wordpress said happy anniversary to my blog, looks like I’ve been using wordpress for a few years now. What have I achieved during that time? Nothing! My blog is still empty, boring, and I still don’t know how to customize my blog. I still can’t find interesting stuffs to be written here. Not sure if my life is just too perfect or just too ordinary.

But, why am I writing now?

That is because I am bored, especially with my job. I really really need to take some days off and go have a vacation. But a general election was just being held here and as a police officer, my husband can’t take day off during this time. So I have to wait for him, I don’t want to have a vacation alone though.

By the way, how do you guys cope if you feel bored with your job? I don’t hate my job (I just hate the bureaucracy, I work at a governmental institution fyi), but there must be a time when you just fed up with everything and you want to run away but you can’t.

Hmm, I am thinking of writing a short story. I like writing stories since I was 11 (they’re usually about me being involved in a love story with Scott Moffatt 😛 ). What story will I write about? So I have a friend who had gotten married and he just change his behavior towards me! I don’t know if it’s because of his wife or what but it kinda make me sad because we share the same interests (music, books, movies) and I feel loss. That is what I will write about, the changes I have to face as I grow up! *wink!

I’ll share the story once it finished!

Laziness Much???

I haven’t written and posted anything for the last 3 months.I kinda feel guilty about it.

But it doesn’t mean I will write something right now. :pI just don’t know what to write about.
Nothing interesting happened around me and my life. And my thoughts, well, my thoughts are always interesting but I don’t feel like sharing them. :p

So, umm..yeah..that’s all for now.


So, I made this bracelet with button and loop for the buckle as requested.

I’m satisfied with the result, the bracelet came out nice and straight, I can’t wait to give it to my friend tomorrow.

Then, BOOM!! It happened..

It turned out that the button is too big for the loop, it didn’t fit at all.
What should I dooo? T_T
I don’t want to start it all over again from the beginning, but I have promised my friend that I would give this bracelet tomorrow. T_T
I need miracle. >.<

What A Busy Week

So, I almost never got out of my house for the last two weeks to work on some orders, and when I finally finished them, I was like:

I think that is the difference between working on something you love and something you’re not so into. Time just flew and you didn’t realize it. I’m not even bored doing the same thing over and over again. These are what I’ve been working on for the last few days:




I’ve already shipped them, I hope they like it and put some more orders. :p

Anywaaay, I’m going to move to the next orders. These are what I have to finish by this week:

I guess I’m going to escape again from the world and bury myself on this project. 😀
See you soon.

P.S: There’s someone from Hongkong, she’s interested in my All Time Low bracelet and wanted to order one. This is my first international order, so I’m kinda confused how to ship it to Hongkong. I need to find it out.

Huzzah!! It’s Done!!


This was the most boring and annoying bracelet I’ve ever made so far!! You don’t know how happy and relieved and free I was when I finally finished this.

It started when a customer asked me to design a bracelet for his club at the university. And I blamed my self for suggesting this pattern!! How could I not see how complicated to make this?

Why was it so annoying? Because I had to switch the thread every one or two knots throughout the length of the bracelet, and it’s such a pain to keep the bracelet straight and even. I am so glad it turns out well, and I will NEVER make this pattern anymore. Let this be one of its kind in the world. XD


For the next project, I’m going to make an Adventure Time bracelet. I didn’t even know what The Adventure Time was before a customer requested it. Apparently it’s a cartoon show by Cartoon Network and many people loves it. I should watch it someday. This is the pattern I’m going to make, but with a name in the middle:
ImageI’ll post the result by the weekend.

What day is it today? Today is Lazyday

There are times when I don’t want to do anything at all, don’t want to go outside and meet people.

One of those times is today..

I will pretend that I don’t exist to the world and other people. I don’t have to use my voice at all during the day. I will just lay down in my bed, eat some snack, write my blog, browse the internet, go to the bathroom, throw my body again on the bed, check out the fridge, have a drink, lay on the bed again, eat oreo, read a novel, check the internet again, grab a cup of instant noodle, pour some hot water…



Now excuse me, I’m going to eat and read again. :p