Bored! Bored! Bored!

So, recently wordpress said happy anniversary to my blog, looks like I’ve been using wordpress for a few years now. What have I achieved during that time? Nothing! My blog is still empty, boring, and I still don’t know how to customize my blog. I still can’t find interesting stuffs to be written here. Not sure if my life is just too perfect or just too ordinary.

But, why am I writing now?

That is because I am bored, especially with my job. I really really need to take some days off and go have a vacation. But a general election was just being held here and as a police officer, my husband can’t take day off during this time. So I have to wait for him, I don’t want to have a vacation alone though.

By the way, how do you guys cope if you feel bored with your job? I don’t hate my job (I just hate the bureaucracy, I work at a governmental institution fyi), but there must be a time when you just fed up with everything and you want to run away but you can’t.

Hmm, I am thinking of writing a short story. I like writing stories since I was 11 (they’re usually about me being involved in a love story with Scott Moffatt 😛 ). What story will I write about? So I have a friend who had gotten married and he just change his behavior towards me! I don’t know if it’s because of his wife or what but it kinda make me sad because we share the same interests (music, books, movies) and I feel loss. That is what I will write about, the changes I have to face as I grow up! *wink!

I’ll share the story once it finished!


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