Lemme Hug You, Little Voldy!!

ImageSo..(okay, I should stop starting my sentences with the word “so”!)

I just finished watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows movies (again!) and eventually changed my point of view about Voldemort. I actually pity him, rather than hate or fear him. Growing up without proper love, lonely, and failing to overcome insecurities had made him into what he is now. I think he had some similar background with Loki. He might have killed many people, but if I were Harry and just in case Voldemort apologized for what he had done, I probably would forgive him and hug him and help him come back to society.

That moment in the movie when he realized that he only had 2 horcruxes left and had to keep Nagini save by not letting it get too far away from him, it kinda touched me seeing him panicking and frightened knowing that his end is near. He looks so vulnerable I almost want to hug him and say, “Aw, Tom, don’t be scared. Just give up on your unreasonable obsession with death. Why would you fear it? You can just face it gracefully when it arrives…bla..bla..bla..(calming and comforting speech)..”
But then again, I could probably have died of Avada Kedavra before I could reach out my hands to hug him. XD

While Umbridge is an antagonist character I truly hate with every single cell of my body, Voldemort is an antagonist character I sympathized on.

Now I feel the urge to read Harry Potter from the 1st book again.. -_-


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