What A Busy Week

So, I almost never got out of my house for the last two weeks to work on some orders, and when I finally finished them, I was like:

I think that is the difference between working on something you love and something you’re not so into. Time just flew and you didn’t realize it. I’m not even bored doing the same thing over and over again. These are what I’ve been working on for the last few days:




I’ve already shipped them, I hope they like it and put some more orders. :p

Anywaaay, I’m going to move to the next orders. These are what I have to finish by this week:

I guess I’m going to escape again from the world and bury myself on this project. 😀
See you soon.

P.S: There’s someone from Hongkong, she’s interested in my All Time Low bracelet and wanted to order one. This is my first international order, so I’m kinda confused how to ship it to Hongkong. I need to find it out.


Huzzah!! It’s Done!!


This was the most boring and annoying bracelet I’ve ever made so far!! You don’t know how happy and relieved and free I was when I finally finished this.

It started when a customer asked me to design a bracelet for his club at the university. And I blamed my self for suggesting this pattern!! How could I not see how complicated to make this?

Why was it so annoying? Because I had to switch the thread every one or two knots throughout the length of the bracelet, and it’s such a pain to keep the bracelet straight and even. I am so glad it turns out well, and I will NEVER make this pattern anymore. Let this be one of its kind in the world. XD


For the next project, I’m going to make an Adventure Time bracelet. I didn’t even know what The Adventure Time was before a customer requested it. Apparently it’s a cartoon show by Cartoon Network and many people loves it. I should watch it someday. This is the pattern I’m going to make, but with a name in the middle:
ImageI’ll post the result by the weekend.

What I Have Been Doing Recently

Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t post anything for 2 weeks! I guess I’m kinda swept away by my laziness. But maybe because there were some orders I have to work on so I didn’t have time to write on my blog.

These are what I have been doing lately:

1. A couple bracelet order


2. An anklet for my husband

Actually I want to make a bracelet for him, but his job doesn’t allow him to wear any accessories other than a wristwatch and wedding ring. So I made him an anklet so he can hide it under his socks when he goes to work. :p


3. An order from a friend

My colleague at work wanted to give a handmade gift for a friend’s daughter’s birthday.



I kinda miss making bracelet again. I’ve promised my friends that I would make some bracelets for them, I’m gonna make this pattern starting tonight. I’ll post the result right away.

Finally Finished These Bracelets!!

Oh my gosh, finally these bracelets are finished!!
I am so thrilled I literally jumped out of my chair when I finished tying the last knot of the last bracelet! So happy and so relieved that I can ship them right away. I spent almost 2 weeks to make 5 bracelets! Well..being a housewife and all.. :p

These are four of them, one more bracelet is still sticking on the wall.. :p


I fell in love with this monochrome puzzle bracelet, I love its color combination and I feel cool wearing it, hahaha.. I almost want to keep it my self, but then again it’s not mine.. T_T

Okaaayyy..off to the next order!!

Bracelet Designs For A Customer

I spent most of the time thinking what colors I should use for these bracelet designs..(-_-“)Actually there’s one more design request, she wanted a bracelet with Tottenham Hotspur logo like this:

but I’m confused how can I make the bracelet design with a logo that big. >.<

Anyhow, these are some finished pattern and ready to be made



My Weekend Plan

Suddenly this idea popped up in my mind. I’m going to have a craft booth this weekend! It’s a genius idea, isn’t it? Of course it is, hahaha..

So, there’s a football stadium in my town. Every Saturday and Sunday morning the stadium is crowded with people jogging or just walking around. Sometimes I went there too to jog, if I wasn’t too lazy to wake up early :p There are also a lot of people selling things on the street, . Mostly food and drinks, but there are also other things like clothes and accessories. That’s when I got this idea, I will open a craft booth there. I’m so excited to think about this since last night. >.<

Here’s the plan. I have 4 more days until Saturday, these are what I’m going to do:
Today: make a list of what I am going to make and supplies I need, research and make a display design, make labels and tags and packages.
Wednesday: make photo frames
Thursday: make pins and brooches
Friday: make bracelets and some decorations for my booth
Saturday and Sunday: SHOWTIME!!

Aaaahh..I can’t wait for Saturday to come!!
Please wish me luck! >.<

My craft booth display plan: