Huzzah!! It’s Done!!


This was the most boring and annoying bracelet I’ve ever made so far!! You don’t know how happy and relieved and free I was when I finally finished this.

It started when a customer asked me to design a bracelet for his club at the university. And I blamed my self for suggesting this pattern!! How could I not see how complicated to make this?

Why was it so annoying? Because I had to switch the thread every one or two knots throughout the length of the bracelet, and it’s such a pain to keep the bracelet straight and even. I am so glad it turns out well, and I will NEVER make this pattern anymore. Let this be one of its kind in the world. XD


For the next project, I’m going to make an Adventure Time bracelet. I didn’t even know what The Adventure Time was before a customer requested it. Apparently it’s a cartoon show by Cartoon Network and many people loves it. I should watch it someday. This is the pattern I’m going to make, but with a name in the middle:
ImageI’ll post the result by the weekend.


What I Have Been Doing Recently

Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t post anything for 2 weeks! I guess I’m kinda swept away by my laziness. But maybe because there were some orders I have to work on so I didn’t have time to write on my blog.

These are what I have been doing lately:

1. A couple bracelet order


2. An anklet for my husband

Actually I want to make a bracelet for him, but his job doesn’t allow him to wear any accessories other than a wristwatch and wedding ring. So I made him an anklet so he can hide it under his socks when he goes to work. :p


3. An order from a friend

My colleague at work wanted to give a handmade gift for a friend’s daughter’s birthday.



I kinda miss making bracelet again. I’ve promised my friends that I would make some bracelets for them, I’m gonna make this pattern starting tonight. I’ll post the result right away.

So Many Projects, So Little time

Hiyaa..long time no post. Been a little bit sick lately, the weather is so unpredictable and it makes my already-low-immunity dropped.. 😦

Other than that, everything is fine, even it’s a bit more than fine. I started to learn making the real clothes at my sewing course, and I was so enthusiastic about it. I even tried to make a skirt at home on my own. I failed, of course. I planned to make a dress by combining a skirt and a t-shirt. I bought a t-shirt, and I made the skirt. But I took the wrong measurement and the waist of the skirt couldn’t pass my chest.. 😦 I will fix it with velcro, I guess.

I also came with this idea to make my own wedding invitations and wedding souvenirs. I want a comic-style wedding invitation and I have asked my friend to help me with the drawings. I planned to scan the comic, edit it, print it, and add some ornaments to make it more interesting.

I want to make small cute dolls as souvenirs. Doll of a cop and a nurse (our professions) holding hands and you can stick it to the mirror or glass or refrigerator. I bought a pattern book, and I tried to make one.

The result, Well, not bad.. :p
But I think it’s a little too big for a wedding souvenir.


Real Big Love,
Meriska =^.^=